Concourse Renovations Feature Unique Made in MB Flooring

By TN Staff | August 3, 2017

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New Reazzo flooring covers 75,000 square feet on 100, 300 and atrium levels.

One of the prominent new features of the comprehensive concourse renovation project in Bell MTS Place this summer is the new Reazzo flooring. Over the past four weeks, the Reazzo material was poured on both the 100 and 300 level concourses, and in the arena’s atrium, covering 75,000 square feet of flooring. The pouring process required a steady stream of 78 cement trucks and heavy machinery on the floor of Bell MTS Place. The Reazzo was pumped up through a massive mechanical arm that could stretch from the floor level all the way to the 300 level. To see how it all worked, watch the video below. While the Reazzo pouring has just wrapped up, the finishing touches, including grinding and polishing, will continue over the next few weeks.




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